Report suspected misconduct


Milestone has a Whistleblower Portal that enables you to report any observations of or suspected illegal activity, serious misconduct or sensitive concerns.

What is the Whistleblower Portal?

The Whistleblower Portal is meant for concerns about observed or suspected serious misconduct related to the subjects below:

If you are a Milestone employee:

Employment terms or workplace matters: Concerns relating to employment terms or workplace matters, unless such matters are exceptionally serious as described above, or cannot be reported through the normal reporting lines, should be resolved locally.

Discuss with your leader: Employees that have serious concerns are encouraged to discuss such matters first with their supervisors, managers or other appropriate personnel such as local HR, local Finance Manager or the Country Manager.

Take action: If you are uncomfortable discussing the incident with your leader, or if no action is taken after your discussion, you may report your concern via via the Whistleblower Portal.


Make a report
We encourage you to supply contact details as it may help our investigation to understand your relationship with Milestone. After reporting, it is the reporter’s responsibility to follow up via the Whistleblower Portal’s secure communication channel.
Once a report is submitted
The report will be recorded and received in the 3rd party whistleblower hotline system. Milestone’s Case Manager will assess if the report is within scope to investigate. If the report is within scope, then the report will proceed through an investigation under the responsibility of VP of Legal & Compliance for further processing. If the report is not considered to be within scope, then the reporter will be informed by the Case Manager.
Case resolution:
The Case Manager will address all reported incidents – considering the seriousness and credibility of the concern/issue to determine the appropriate action. Some complaints or concerns may be resolved without investigation. The reporter will receive feedback on the status of the investigation of the report within the secure communication portal as soon as possible. When the investigation has been closed the reporter will also be provided information on how the concern raised has been addressed.

Retaliation or misuse of the Whistleblower Portal

Milestone prohibits anyone from retaliating or taking adverse action against anyone for raising suspected conduct violations or helping to resolve a conduct concern. Any individual who has been found to have engaged in retaliation against a Milestone director or employee for raising, in good faith and without personal gain, a conduct concern or for participating in the investigation of such a concern may be subject to discipline, up to and including termination of employment or other business relationship.

If any individual believes they have been subjected to such retaliation, that person is encouraged to report the situation as soon as possible to their Milestone manager, Regional People & Culture Business Partner or Milestone Compliance. A report regarding retaliation is handled by Regional People & Culture and Milestone Compliance and such report is treated in the same way as any other report.

Persons who knowingly make false reports or who otherwise abuse the system will face disciplinary action.

Online reporting

Access the 3rd party reporting tool and make a report.

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