Make caring hands reach further


Make caring hands reach further

Maximize staff efficiency 

Ensure optimal use of resources and reduce staff burnout. 

React to incidents rapidly 

Act instantly on patient falls or other critical events.  

Ensure high-quality patient care

Free up your nurses’ time to focus on hands-on patient care.

More time for better care

Nothing can replace the human touch of the healthcare professional. But data-driven video technology can help nurses use their expertise where it’s needed most. XProtect Hospital Assist is a remote patient monitoring solution that frees up time and resources in the hospital so you can deliver the high-quality patient care you have always wanted to give. 

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How it works 

Your hospital may already have cameras for securing the premises. But you can use your video system for a lot more: a remote patient monitoring solution that helps your staff work more efficiently while enhancing patient experiences and outcomes.  

React fast to patient falls 

A patient fall can result in fractures, lacerations, or internal bleeding, leading to increased healthcare utilization and fall-related costs. XProtect Hospital Assist includes automatic, AI-driven fall detection alarms, allowing your staff to rapidly respond and aid the fallen patient.

Assure patient privacy 

Ensuring patients’ dignity and privacy is a cornerstone of high-quality care. XProtect Hospital Assist’s Privacy Blur function allows patient privacy when medical observation is not required.

Engage with your patients

Provide added social contact or quickly interact with patients who need attention. With live video and two-way audio communication, your team can constantly engage with patients who are lonely or anxious — or tell them to stay in bed and await assistance.

Get a prompt patient overview 

In a hectic hospital environment, with a constant flow of new inpatients and rotating staff shifts, a full patient overview is critical. Use the in-video Sticky Notes to display important data such as patient names, how frequently they should be consulted or other essential details.

Ease resource pains throughout your hospital 

With practical applications across several different hospital units, just imagine the potential of our video technology to alleviate your nursing team’s stresses and strains. 

Keep an eye on the ICU

Shield isolation units

Safeguard psychiatric wards

Aid rehabilitation facilities 

Highlight vacant rooms

Keep an eye on the ICU

With stretched resources, it can be difficult to give the 1:1 care many patients need, particularly in the intensive care unit (ICU). A patient sitter is often recommended for round-the-clock observation of critically ill patients.

Using XProtect Hospital Assist, one nurse can observe many patients at once — freeing them up for other key healthcare tasks and helping to minimize patient sitter costs.

Shield isolation units 

COVID-19 highlighted the importance of protecting healthcare employees from infection and inspired hospitals to leverage technology to limit exposure.

Care for patients remotely and reduce personal protective equipment (PPE) costs with XProtect Hospital Assist’s remote patient monitoring technology.

Safeguard psychiatric wards 

Observing patients who can be a risk to others or themselves can be made easier using video and two-way audio communication.

With XProtect Hospital Assist, staff can watch out for each other when consulting a patient that could be aggressive and provide immediate assistance to prevent an escalating situation or monitor the patient’s safety.

Aid rehabilitation facilities 

Some patients with acute medical conditions can’t leave their beds unassisted.

Minimize the risk of further injury by using remote patient monitoring technology to look out for their safety and two-way audio to speak to them remotely and tell them to stay in bed and await assistance.

Plus, automatic AI-driven fall detection alarms allow your staff to rapidly respond and aid the patient if they do have a fall.

Highlight vacant rooms

Surges in healthcare demand can place pressure on hospital capacity. In these instances, finding new efficiencies can make a big difference.

XProtect Hospital Assist allows your nursing team to see when a room is vacant so you can dispatch cleaning teams to prepare it for the next patient and increase the number of patients treated.

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