Milestone solutions for government

Federal government video management systems must adhere to the strictest levels of security and compliance. That requires the ability to keep up with rapidly evolving technology and standards. Milestone XProtect makes that possible through open platform flexibility. Government agencies can integrate the software and hardware from our technology partners that best fits their needs, and quickly adapt it to new challenges.

Understanding your needs 

Hardware & Networking monitoring
Alarm Monitoring
Access Control
Drone Detection

Hardware, Networking & Monitoring

Today, cameras and IoT devices are regularly installed outside buildings, making them vulnerable to spoofing and attacks. Network operations centers (NOC) monitor cyber threats but are only alerted that an IP address has been affected. XProtect integrates with technologies that enable additional security and monitoring, including on standalone networks.

Solutions may include:

  • Blocking unauthorized IoT camera binding
  • Blocking camera traffic to public internet
  • Camera password management
  • Network visibility
  • POE Status

Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring alarms and events traditionally have been done through a PISM, IDS, or access control system. Government customers with large protected campus may be required to monitor their perimeter or a wide variety of alarms. With Milestone, customers can pull alarms events directly into XProtect and associate video for a quicker response. Milestone alarm manager and alarm matrix are designed to give the officer information about the event and react with a few mouse clicks.

Solutions may include:

  • DMP and Bosch IDS integrations
  • Fence line Monitoring
  • Ground-based Radar
  • Alarm handling
  • Pop-up notifications

Access Control

Milestone offers flexible access control integrations depending on the customer's requirements. With Milestone Access door forced, held and other events are prominently displayed with associated video directly in the Milestone Smart Client.

Solutions may include:

  • Integration into major brands
  • Two-way communications
  • Faster post-incident investigations

Drone Detection

Drones have become an everyday challenge, especially to government facilities with large protected perimeters where cameras and other security devices may not be available. With Milestone integrations, unwanted drones are detected and cameras can be set on track.

Solutions may include:

  • COTS Technologies
  • PTZ Camera Auto Tracking
  • Geo-fence alarm notification
  • UAV vs Birds Classification

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FIPS 140-2

Federal Information Processing Standards

Federal government agencies required to comply with FIPS 140-2, can now deploy XProtect 2020 R3 in a FIPS compliant mode.


Proactive compliance

You can count on the integrity and security of Milestone software and hardware on an ongoing basis thanks to:

  • FIPS-compliant algorithms
  • Rapid updates if vulnerability flaws are detected
  • Milestone's Hardening Guide for PMF processes

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