The Milestone Partner Program


The Milestone Partner Program for resellers, system integrators, security specialists and solution service providers is designed to help you drive growth and customer success. Enroll now to access the many benefits.




The Milestone Partner Program


The Milestone Partner Program for resellers, system integrators, security specialists and solution service providers is designed to help you drive growth and customer success. Enroll now to access the many benefits.

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Delivering the best, together

This program is designed especially to support our Partners with the incentives, rewards, resources, support, and products to drive growth and customer success.

Why you should join

Our Partners are central to our success. That's why we empower you with:

Lucrative benefits and rewards
Including discounts and additional support, licensing and much more.
Simple and transparent Program design
Not only for your ease of use, but to ease our collaboration as well.
Access to our community
Including our Technology Partners and the latest video technology advances.

Three-tier Program

The design aligns Partners to three tiers – Authorized, Advanced, and Premier – based on productivity and qualifications. It is also simpler to understand and will help customers identify why you are the right choice for their project.

Milestone Authorized Partner
Authorized is the entry tier level for Partners who have accepted the Program Terms and Conditions and who meet the minimal Milestone revenue requirements. Authorized Partners have access to foundational resources and benefits to build high-performing video solutions with Milestone.
Milestone Advanced Partner
For Partners who have attained advanced capabilities through Milestone’s technical certification and sales trainings. This tier give access to generous discounts, the full Milestone product portfolio, including XProtect and Milestone Husky IVO™ appliances, as well as resources and incentives that aid go-to-market success such as prioritized access to technical support and project discounts.
Milestone Premier Partner
This highest tier is reserved for our most qualified, productive and invested Partners that have completed the most training and earned the most certifications. They collaborate with us in go-to-market activities through annual joint-business plans. Lucrative benefits include prioritized access to the Milestone Global Bid Desk and eligibility for the Revenue Goal Accelerator Program rebates.

Program benefits & requirements



Program Benefits 

The Program offers support and rewards based on performance and commitment to customer success. Milestone wants to make our partnership as beneficial as possible. The more Partners commit to our mutual goals and success, the more incentives and resources Milestone makes available. 




Tier Discount

The Program’s three-tier structure is a progressive means of rewarding your commitment to the Partner relationship
and driving growth.

Each Partner earns a standard discount on Milestone products based on their tier.Each tier has a minimum requirement to qualify. Earning an upgrade to the next tier means getting a greater discount for purchasing Milestone products.

The more you invest in the Milestone relationship and success, the more you receive in benefits.

Authorization to Sell XProtect Express+

All Milestones Partners are eligible to sell Milestone XProtect Express+ products.

XProtect Express+ is video management software (VMS) for smaller, single-site companies with light live video monitoring needs. These support up to 48 cameras and can integrate with existing operations, such as access control and people counting.

Access to XProtect Express+ provides you with a strong foundation for building a productive and successful Milestone business.


Authorization to Sell XProtect Professional+

All Milestones Partners are eligible to sell Milestone XProtect® Professional+ products.

XProtect Professional+ is IP video management software (VMS) designed for mid-sized businesses, supporting an unrestricted number of cameras, devices and servers. With multi-layered maps and full alarm management capabilities, operators have a complete overview of the entire installation..

Access to XProtect Professional+ provides you with a strong foundation for building a productive and successful Milestone business.


Not-for-Resale Demonstration Licenses

As a Partner you are eligible for not-for-resale demonstration licenses. Demonstration licenses are intended for training and sales and allow you to get familiar with Milestone products and demonstrate the capabilities of XProtect to customers. These licenses are granted on a case-by-case basis. The number of the licenses granted varies based on which tier you are in; eligibility and requirements are available in your MyMilestone account. Not-for-resale demonstrations are for internal use only. No other uses are authorized.  

Authorization to Sell the Husky IVO series

All Milestones Partners are eligible to sell the Milestone Husky IVO™ series of video surveillance appliances. 

Milestone Husky IVO is the optimal video surveillance appliance for Milestone XProtect®. The support, the easy installation, and the products themselves work together to ensure you get the most out of your video management solution. 

Access to the Husky IVO series provides you with a strong foundation for building a productive and successful Milestone business.


Authorization to Sell Full Product Portfolio

Authorized Partners with the relevant certifications are eligible to sell the full Product Portfolio.*

All Partners enrolling in the new Program with the relevant certifications will get access to sell the full Portfolio, including all XProtect Products, if they have acquired the Milestone Certified Design Engineer and Milestone Certified Integration Technician certifications. 

This enables you to create video technology solutions on an exceptional foundation. You will be able to deliver a solution of any size — whether for a small flower shop with a few cameras, or an airport with 1,000+. The full Milestone Product range lets you build the best solution for your customers’ needs — to drive revenue growth and create greater customer outcomes.

*Country based. Please contact your CBM for more information

Participation in Sales Promotions

As a Premier or Advanced Partner, you are eligible to participate in Milestone’s periodic special promotions and incentives for selling certain products.

Eligibility for Project Discounts

As a Premier or Advanced Partner, you are eligible for project discounts on top of your standard tier discount. Project discounts come with conditions and limitations.

Prioritized Technical Support

As a Premier or Advanced Partner, you’ll receive priority access to technical support. Milestone Technical Support uses a decision matrix to prioritize incidents. Your technical support case will be prioritized based on your tier and the incident severity.  

For end-users who subscribe to Premium Care, reported incidents are prioritized according to severity regardless of the tier (you must supply the Premium Care Subscription ID number when submitting the support request).

Listing on Milestone Partner Locator

As an Advanced or Premier Partner you are eligible to have you company listed in the Milestone Partner Locator — the “Find a reseller” web page. 

Your Partner status, acquired technical qualifications, and contact information will be visible to customers, with a link to your Milestone Marketplace profile if you have created one. Here you can provide customers with information such as the solutions, support, and services you offer, and your experience and capabilities across products and industries.

Prioritized Access to Global Bid Desk

All Partners may request support from the Milestone Global Bid Desk. However, Premier Partners have priority access. 

The Global Bid Desk is a team of Proposal Management Professionals that implements APMP (Association of Project Management Professionals) best practices, processes, and tools. These tools and expertise are available to support you in building proposals and automating the tender development process.

Revenue Goal Accelerator Program

To accelerate growth for our Partners, Milestone has created the Revenue Goal Accelerator Program that incentivizes meeting and exceeding sales growth targets.

This is exclusive to Premier Partners; those that meet or exceed growth targets receive a back-end rebate based on all your Milestone product sales for the year. The more growth you achieve, the more you earn in Accelerator rebates. More details are available in the Revenue Goal Accelerator Program section.

Program Requirements

The Program is progressive in requirements. The higher the tier, the more requirements a Partner must meet to earn and maintain eligibility for resources and benefits. Training and certification requirements are uniform worldwide, while sales revenue requirements vary by region.




Acceptance of Milestone Partner Program Terms and Conditions

As a Partner you must accept the Milestone Program Terms and Conditions. It is not possible to participate in the Program without accepting them.

Yearly Revenue Threshold Requirement (Country Level)

All Partners must meet the minimum annual Sales Revenue requirements to participate in the Milestone Program. Revenue performance compliance is measured by the total Sales Revenue generated in a calendar year.

Milestone calculates revenue compliance based on the Sales Revenue generated by all the Partner’s sites in a Country. Each Partner tier – Authorized, Advanced, and Premier – has its own threshold, and the thresholds vary by region.

Completion of Onboarding Training

Through completing the onboarding training you’ll learn how to work with Milestone for the best possible outcomes.

As an Advanced and Premier Partner, you must complete the mandatory onboarding training to ensure you know how to get the most out of working with Milestone and our resources. 

The Onboarding Training gives you in-depth information about products, sales processes and technical support, how to navigate the MyMilestone Partner portal, advanced training and certifications, enablement resources and more. 

Completion of Annual Sales Training

As a Premier or Advanced Partner, you’ll receive Annual Sales Training at the Country Level. This mandatory training provides you with the insights you need to sell Milestone products – including updates on products, features, use cases, and value propositions. 

You’ll also receive valuable guidance on positioning products, addressable markets and market sizing, market trends, selling techniques, and overcoming customer objections. 

Milestone Certified Design Engineer (Country Level)

To qualify for Advanced tier status and authorization to sell the full Milestone portfolio, you must complete the Design Engineer Technical Certification.

Acquiring Design Engineer certification ensures you are appropriately trained in defining surveillance objectives as well as designing the surveillance system to meet those objectives. As a Milestone Solution Design Engineer, you are certified in defining surveillance objectives, and documenting system and operator behaviors to support those objectives. You are also certified to select devices, products, components, networks, and storage products to include in the surveillance system.

Milestone Certified Integration Technician (Country Level)

This certification is required for Advanced and Premier Partners and equips you to install and configure moderately complex XProtect installations with camera counts of 100 to 500 cameras.

No classes or certifications are required before taking the exam, but Milestone does recommend reviewing the Milestone Certified Integration Technician (MCIT) Study Guide.

This certification adds significant value to your business as it signals to customers that you have the necessary skills to deal with a broad range of installations. 

Milestone Certified Integration Engineer (Country Level)

This is mandatory for Premier Partners and requires a Milestone Certified Integration Technician certification as a prerequisite. This certification testifies to your ability to install and configure complex XProtect VMS installations with camera counts of approximately 100 to 10,000 cameras, multiple Management Servers, multiple Mobile Servers, edge storage, multicast, clustering, and other advanced configuration options.

Customers will recognize that you are a Partner they can entrust with installations of any size and complexity.

Annual Business Plan

As a Premier Partner you’ll receive expert support from Milestone to help grow your business. Together with your assigned Channel Business Manager, you’ll complete an Annual Business Plan to ensure a mutual roadmap for go-to-market activities. 

This details sales objectives, business development goals, training and certification needs, development investments, and marketing programs and schedules. The plan must be completed within 60 days of a Partner being promoted to Premier status. While it is non-binding, the Annual Business Plan will be reviewed (for successes and shortcomings) by Milestone annually.

Brand Alignment

As a Partner you can leverage the high level of trust associated with Milestone’s brand. Premier Partners need to meet certain brand alignment requirements to attain and maintain their tier level. That includes promoting Milestone and our products. Authorized and Advanced Partners are encouraged to do the same but it’s not mandatory.




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