How the world’s largest flooring manufacturer got efficiency covered

January 03, 2022

Unilin Group chose Milestone’s open platform video management software to lay the foundation for modernization. Production sites are monitored for greater safety and flow optimization, and data security is ensured through advanced system access. The open design adds value through ongoing partner integrations, weaving new innovations into the fabric of their success.


Unilin Group


Headquarters in Belgium, 30 international production sites

Camera count

1,050+ across sites, adding 200 new AXIS models each year


ARAANI SmokeCatcher detection and 6SS Edge™ LPR module LPR


Axis Communications, ARAANI, 6SS

Challenge: Help to make operations safe and data secure

By their very nature, production sites are considered “critical” and must comply with safety and security standards set out by the EU.

“We work at industrial sites where danger is ever-present. So Unilin Group has a very strong safety strategy, particularly with regard to the exteriors of buildings, to prevent break-ins or vandalism.” Christophe Chartier, Support Engineer – Unilin Global SI 

Unilin began working with Milestone Systems in 2012 with the aim of modernizing one of their production control rooms. As this collaboration developed over time, they used video to inject innovation into all 17 production sites across Europe. The visualization brought image-guided management of production lines, personal and property safety, on-site traffic control and product traceability, among other benefits.

Solution: Monitoring optimizes automated production
  • Milestone XProtect video management software with Smart Client
  • Milestone XProtect Transact for barcode scanning
  • 6SS Edge LPR (License Plate Recognition)
  • ARAANI SmokeCatcher detection
  • IP video cameras from Axis Communications

By integrating Milestone’s Transact module, Unilin can retrieve data and index it by scanning a product’s barcode. Teams can easily trace, identify and view the product directly in the video system and perform a retroactive or post-event search if needed. They have also set up a new Milestone plugin they call “Visual Networks Time Lapse” to create videos in real-time directly from the XProtect Smart Client.

Integrations add innovations

More than 300 trucks pass through Unilin’s production sites daily, where hazardous products are handled with precision. For this, Unilin implemented a license plate recognition solution with 6SS, one of Milestone’s technology partners, whose intelligence capabilities interface with the video. The goal: to improve flow and monitor traffic on production sites.

With protection in mind, Unilin chose to work with another of Milestone’s technology partners: ARAANI, a specialist in video smoke detection for critical environments, who provides a fast and reliable patented alarm system.

“Thanks to Milestone Systems’ Marketplace, we have access to a solution for every new need. With an open platform the Sky is the Limit!” -Christophe Chartier, Support Engineer – Unilin Global SI

Result: Smart site safety and secure data compliance

All cameras on Unilin grounds now provide production monitoring on manufacturing lines that are 100% automated. The operators in the control rooms must be able to view everything that is happening, particularly in critical moments. Through the video management system, operators have an instant overview to direct the line with full knowledge of the situation. The service department can also use the video to analyze images if there is a problem reported and resolve issues to optimize the processes.

As a publicly traded company, Unilin is subject to very strong regulatory constraints with regard to GDPR management and data security. Implementing a policy in which they are directing the video system is also a way to ensure complete control of cybersecurity and regulatory matters. With this in mind, Unilin has established strict data user rules, and only IT staff have access to the administrative console.

“Our goal was to replace an obsolete system with a solution capable of managing a significant number of cameras and integrating third-party solutions with on-board intelligence. Choosing Milestone’s open platform is not just choosing a reliable, proven solution, it is above all choosing to expand the range of possibilities. Using advanced video solutions, we have access to an infinite number of applications related to our primary goal -- to optimize production.”

- Christophe Chartier, Support Engineer – Unilin Global SI
About Unilin

Unilin Group (Mohawk Industries – NYSE) is the world’s largest floor covering company, manufacturing laminate, parquet and vinyl flooring, particle board and MDF, decorative and insulating panels, roofing elements, delivering style and performance for both residential and commercial spaces.

  • Company turnover: 2.21 billion euros in 2020
  • Number of employees: 7,500 people
  • Locations: 105 sites globally, of which 30 are production
  • Flooring product brands: Quick-Step, Pergo and Balterio
  • Patents: more than 3,000 Smart Living Solutions since 1960
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